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    We are located in
    Sigourney, Iowa, USA
    Situated in an agriculturally rich area of Southeast Iowa —
    where independent farmers and ranchers have been raising livestock
    in a sustainable and responsible manner for generations.

Welcome to Thunder Ridge Beef Company. We specialize in Natural, Organic, and Premium Halal Black Angus beef products.

Call 1-877-930-4321 (toll-free for US callers) or 641-622-3220 (international callers) to begin your Thunder Ridge experience today.

About Thunder Ridge

Thunder Ridge Beef Company, located in Sigourney, Iowa, is a family-owned beef processor that caters to a niche market - discerning consumers looking for high quality beef products. Our goal is to consistently provide high quality, local, verified Angus Beef to select clients across the globe.

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TR Natural Premium Angus™

All Natural USDA Certified Premium Angus Beef. Our TR Natural™ cattle are not administered antibiotics, have no added growth hormones, and are never fed animal by-products. Such simplicity and old-fashioned ways of raising cattle means you can taste the difference.

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TR Organic

TR Organic cattle come from fully verified, independent, local ranchers from Sigourney and the surrounding areas. The history of every animal that comes into our USDA Certified TR Organic Program is known. They are never administered antibiotics, growth hormones, and are only fed organic grains and grasses throughout their lifetime.

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True, High-Level Halal

Our Halal mission is to supply the Halal market with reliable and verifiable Halal harvested beef. All slaughter done in our facility is always High Level Halal only. We do NOT slaughter in any other manner. Strict records are kept on all Halal cattle and we are happy to prove our full compliance to High Level Halal standards.

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